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Spanish markets ebook evolution report 2016
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Although publishing and digital cultures are evolving at highly different speeds in the Spanish markets, technology and the ebook both offer a broad spectrum of business opportunities for publishers in Latin America and Spain. The soaring number of ebooks published in those countries, the growing importance of digital reading and the increasing role of the Internet as a distribution and marketing tool for books, all lead to the assumption that the evolution of the digital market is a reality in most Latin American countries. Having looked closely at digital and publishing trends in various countries (Argentina, Brazil Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, Peru), this report, compiled by in collaboration with Bookwire, offers a series of indicators and prospects regarding each of these markets, with the purpose of offering a tool for publishers, booksellers, authors, investors, the media and experts to understand the changes being experienced by Spanish-speaking and Portuguese markets, together with the business opportunities these changes offer professionals in the publishing sector worldwide. was launched in March 2004 for the purpose of analyzing the use of new technologies in the cultural sector and publishes annual studies related to trends in the creative industries. provides strategic management consultancy services, as well as digital skills training sessions to a wide range of cultural sector professional: publishers, retailers, museums, librarians, etc. Throughout the years we have compiled over 40 studies and reports on the use of new technologies in different areas of the cultural sector. Founded in Germany in 2009, Bookwire is an eBook aggregator specialising in marketing digital content in all existing and emerging sales channels worldwide. In 2011 Bookwire became the first certified European supplier for the Apple iBooks Store. Bookwire offers a full service package of delivery, reporting, quality management, shop marketing and conversion. The company works with over 1.000 publishing houses from 30 countries for which it provides the worlds largest network of eBook and audiobook shops. Bookwire has offices in Germany, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, México, Peru, Spain and Russia.

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